A comparison of martin luther king jr and malcolm x different tactics and same results

Malcolm joined a controversial group devoted to securing rights for African Americans, called the Nation of Islam. At the time that he delivered this speech insome people in the civil rights movement were promoting the use of violence as a means to racial equality, but Dr.

When asked what should be done to guarantee equal rights for African Americans, Malcolm X replied, "Our objective is complete freedom, justice and equality by any means necessary. On December 3, Mrs. Martin attended the local Black high school graduating at the age of After his speech, Malcolm had said to Coretta: For Malcolm, this happened in his prison cell, and Martin had his vision in a night of total despair in his kitchen shortly after the beginning of the Montgomery bus boycott.

Student understanding of the text will be determined through classroom discussion and the organizers completed by the students. Lesson 3 Overview Dr.

Malcolm X, history tries to forget. Martin Luther King actually came from a family who was well-known in their area of Atlanta, while Malcolm X was a virtual nobody. King promoted resisting racial discrimination through such actions as lunch-counter sit-ins, bus boycotts, and peaceful marches and demonstrations.

Let us slay him. However, the police called both events accidents. Although they never joined together to fight for the rights of the non-white and the poor people, they achieved a lot, and especially became role-models for the African-American youth.

Martin Luther King, Jr. The family lived in the middle class Black section of the largest city in the South. Malcolm realized before Martin, that the first step to reach these goals was for the African-American people to build up their self-consciousness and pride, so that they finally could unite and work together with the non-white people of the whole world.

Unit Objectives Students will be able to close read informational texts and identify their important phrases and key terms in historical texts explain and summarize the meaning of these texts on both literal and inferential levels analyze, assess, and compare the meaning of two primary source documents develop a viewpoint and write an evaluative persuasive essay supported by evidence from two speeches Number of Class Periods Three class periods, each period fifty to sixty minutes in duration.

Every student must complete their own organizer in order to fulfill the assignment, even if they are working in groups. If it is, you can skip this step and go on to step 4. Malcolm X Procedure You may choose to have the students do the lesson individually, as partners, or in small groups of no more than 3 or 4 students.

There are many differences between the two, apart from the striking one: Distribute the excerpts from Dr. On the buses they rode in back, the whites in front, and if the white half was filled, the Blacks had to surrender their seats.

He also regarded temporary separation as the road to his ultimate goal of integration. Every student must complete their own organizer in order to fulfil the assignment, even if they are working in groups.

They coughed and stumbled their way out into the night as his father fired at the fleeing men on horseback dressed in white.


Both of them saw a need for immediate action in order to secure those rights. He demanded justice and that African-Americans should be respected as human-beings. In truth, the Rev. Historical Background Civil rights activist Malcolm X was born Malcolm Little, but Malcolm changed his name because he felt that his last name had been imposed on his family by a slave holder.

And this was exactly the reason why Europe was scared of Malcolm. Based on their childhood and growing up years alone class issues, educational opportunities, level of household comfort and presence of loving parentsyou could probably tell where their beliefs were grounded on.

Read the speech aloud to the students.Comparison on Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr.: Who Had More Influence over the Civil Rights Movement Martin Luther King Jr.

vs. Malcolm X Martin Luther King Jr.

Differences Between Martin Luther King and Malcolm X

and Malcolm X both fought for the same goal, but had different ways of achieving this goal. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X had different methods and philosophies for.

Malcolm X Martin Luther King Jr.

The Civil Rights Movement: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X

Malcolm X came from a home where Martin Luther King Jr had different beliefs than and believed that all races could share all of the exact same thing. King's interest in a strike of black sanitation workers in Memphis, Tennessee in the spring of reflected his growing concern with economic issues.

The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X may have had different takes on the philosophy of nonviolence, but they shared a number of similarities. As they aged, the men began to adopt a global consciousness that put them more in sync on an ideological level. In addition to that, the men’s.

A difference between Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X was that the former believed in integrating whites and African Americans. Elijah Muhammad, a. Dr.

Compare and contrast Martin Luther King and Malcolm X.

Martin Luther King, Jr., and Malcolm X were both important leaders during America’s civil rights movement. However, they each saw a different way of gaining social justice and addressing the challenges facing African Americans.

Free Essay: The Beliefs of Martin Luther King Jr. versus Malcolm X “I have a dream, that one day little black boys and black girls will join hands with.

A comparison of martin luther king jr and malcolm x different tactics and same results
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