About men by gretel ehrlich essay

We often see men portrayed in the media as masters of animals — friends to dogs and cats, maybe, but exploiting every other beast that can be used to their advantage. Also, it begins in New York, which is a more tangible setting to most of the audience than Wyoming.

The second half is more focused on how they treat women and how they always appear evasive. The author uses logical reasoning in explaining various points in her work.

She uses many examples to show how easy going and nice cowboys are. Cowboys are tenderhearted people who have normal feelings just like any man. She emphasizes on his stereotypical image and contradicts with the common impressions associated with the cow boy figure Ehrlich,p.

About Men Summary and book questions Gretel Ehrlich writes a witty and innovative essay about her personal view and encounters with cowboys. Despite of being a non-fiction, her writing urges the reader to imagine the life of a cowboy through her eyes and understand how different he really is from the stereotypical image of his displayed in the movies.

“About Men” by Gretel Ehrlich Review

She goes through a lengthy description on what the day of a cowboy is like and how hard their job is. In fact, the quote states that the strength cowboys develop is because of both the soft and tough aspects of their jobs, not just the tough.

I may be less of a physical laborer, more a midwife of guppies and a steward of guinea pigs, but the basic idea is the same nonetheless. She used rather few strategies and literary conventions in this small piece of writing but it is nonetheless an impressive work.

Grandin— she uses her experience with autism to better understand animals and their sensory sensitivities, embodying the same oneness with animals that Erlich describes.

For Ehrlich, the unsophisticated, one-dimensional stereotype is a disservice to cowboys at large and men in general. A figure to us that is heroic and rigid, to Ehrlich is heroic for all the more very different reasons. This example brings out the true picture of the work situation of cowboys.

The author explains about the nature of their work and the challenges they face. Gretel is trying to add more depth to the word. This part of the essay focuses more on how cowboys interact with people and she connects this will the social isolation they often experience from their career.

The toughness of the cowboy is not because he is to comply with the social image attested with him but he is so to counter the troubles he faces and the harsh circumstances he has to go through Ehrlich,p. The author goes ahead to explain the true nature of cowboys. This helps in shedding more light about the real picture of cowboys and distinguishing it from the society fabricated picture.

Rhetorical Analysis of “About Men”

Ehrlich further states that the job of a cowboy is far more complex then the movies depict, that it is a job often tough on the body and heart, one with long hours and little pay.

A student this time in a community college copied my summary above in its entirety for a course assignment. Ehrlich though defends the cowboy image, but also unveils the true essence of a man: As more of her grad-school research papers are published and she gains ethos in the field, she gradually gains more respect.

She goes on to talk about how real cowboys are very nurturing and are not the rough and tough men we see in the movies. She writes the essay from her memory and includes once or twice, words said by her friends or acquaintances to make her point in the argument she makes in favor of the cow boys.

The explanation of the problem plays a major role in ensuring that the author communicates well to the reader and passes a certain distinguished information in a substantial manner.

But that does not imply that they do not respect women.

About Men By Gretel Ehrlich

The author details the emotional and physical appearance of cowboys.Free Essays on About Men Gretel Ehrlich. Get help with your writing. 1 through May 18,  · About Men by Gretel Ehrlich This story is written in first person, most likely from a woman's perspective (Gretel's).

The recurring theme throughout this essay is the way Gretel is trying to portray and un-stereotype type the stereotype of men ranchers. “About Men” by Gretel Ehrlich Review share 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 According to the author, there is the normal assumption of cowboys and in what constitutes of them in actual sense.

Sep 20,  · Gretel Ehrlich "About Men" I feel this essay showed that cowboys have two different sides. Most people think of cowboys as tough men who drink and are bad family men. About Men Gretel Ehrlich book report Introduction to the Main Idea and the Theme.

About Men is a non-fiction essay written by Gretel Ehrlich in her book The Solace of Open Spaces. In her essay, “About Men” (), Gretel Ehrlich claims that men are not as tough as they seem.

Ehrlich creates the framework of her essay through casual analysis, imagery, and tone. Through the use of personal experiences and first person perspective, she shows casual analysis.

About men by gretel ehrlich essay
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