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New York, New York: Ashley and Mumma were "serious tinkers in electronics," working before synthesizers and electronic musical instruments were commercially available.

In Automatic Writingthe composer speaks in a free association manner late at night in his lonely apartment, exploring spontaneous speech unfiltered by his normal language behavior "My mind is censoring my own mind".

Published by Burning Books. The studio consisted of little more than spare rooms in each of their houses, where they kept their equipment.

Robert Ashley

One layer of meaning is the journey, presumably of European-Americans, westward across America. These works are subtle in their narrative links to one another.

The result is quiet, mysterious, melancholy and an early form of ambient music. Draws from a variety of sections of the opera and features performative commentary from Ashley himself. Purposeful Lady Slow Afternoon Improvement Don Leaves Linda focuses on Linda—here a metaphor for the Jews forced out of Spain in —who is abandoned by her husband Don at a highway rest stop.

The third episode of Perfect Lives "The Bank" contains the focal event of this trilogy. A lone speaker repeats the title sentence throughout the entire performance. This is an elegantly simple and revelatory piece automatic writing ashley this composer, whose work is often concerned with the relationship of society and language.

Purposeful Lady Slow Afternoon from the Wolfman Motor City Review is a sensual and captivating study of random vocal reactions sung by the vocal trio of Mary Ashley, Mary Lucier, and Barbara Lloydguided by the rhythm of tuned water glasses, as a personal story written by Cynthia Liddell unfolds about the sense of touch, which, together with the sense of smell, is the most repressed sense in Western society.

Each group sustains that individual sound and passes it around to other members of the same group. Mixing assistance at Mastertone Recording Studios. Originally issued on the Mainstream label, as an excerpt for a theatre work for amplified voices and tape.

He has recorded and analyzed the repeated lines of his own mantra and extracted four musical characters. He recorded his vocal part himself, with the mic barely an inch from his mouth and the recording level just shy of feedback.

Perfect Lives represents life in the Midwest, which Ashley was interested in "because it was flat". This piece describes musically how "rumor" is spread.

They were considered "far-out" and controversial, and experienced both support and antagonism from the surrounding community in Ann Arbor. The final piece, "She Was a Visitor" is fromoriginally issued on the infamous electronic compilation Extended Voices CBS Odysseyfeaturing experimental vocals works.

In certain performances of the opera, the audience was also asked to participate. Additional allegory[ edit ] Ashley has ascribed various meanings to the individual elements of the trilogy.

Posted by Zen Archer at. A mix of the monologue and electronics was used in the video tape composition, Title Withdrawn from Music with Roots in the Aether: Don has moved to California with his family and becomes a professor.

The opera takes the form of an alternation of scenes of rationalizations or explanations and scenes of descriptions. Ashley says that each of these scenarios is in reality the simultaneous dream of the protagonist, happening at the focal moment of Perfect Lives.

She is, in effect, watching herself.

He then added "subtle and eerie modulations" to the recording, modifying his voice to the point that much of what he read could not be understood.

Books[ edit ] - Perfect Lives: It was opera in the Robert Ashley way". A Quadrants Series Novel. The event itself is hard to describe; after a variety of strange events transpire at the bank, i. Booklet notes by Robert Ashley. Published by MusikTexteedited by Ralf Dietrich.

Linda, Susie, and Jennifer see visions of the three suitors of Atalanta, Willard ReynoldsBud Powelland Max Ernstwho have accidentally appeared in a spaceship at the moment of the bank incident.

Transcriptions of the television opera with introductory essays by various composers before each section. Atalanta represents those in the new world who are acutely aware of their tradition in the old world. This is represented in the lengthy stories on great figures of the past the "Anecdotes", etc.Three of Ashley's landmark recordings, Automatic Writing (), Purposeful Lady Slow Afternoon () and She Was A Visitor ().

Composed in recorded form over a period of five years, Automatic Writing is the result of Robert Ashley's fascination with involuntary speech. Find a Robert Ashley - Automatic Writing first pressing or reissue.

Complete your Robert Ashley collection. Shop Vinyl and CDs/5(41). Robert Ashley, Mary Ashley, Cynthia Liddell, Mary Lucier, Barbara Lloyd, The Brandeis University Chamber Chorus, Alvin Lucier - Automatic Writing - Music/5(5).

In the dialogue for Automatic Writing, the words themselves were not necessarily the primary source of meaning—especially not after the kind of audio manipulation Ashley used to modify them. Some of the dialogue became totally incomprehensible. [1]. May 01,  · Automatic Writing Purposeful Lady Slow Afternoon She Was A Visitor Art Direction, Design – By Design Composed By, Liner Notes – Robert AshleyAuthor: Cun Cun Revival.

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