Citation analysis thesis

Citation analysis of graduate Dental thesis references: Before and after an intervention

Interestingly, eight 8 of the journals were Nigerian journals. Data extracted included the year the materials were submitted, source of citations, recency of materials cited, most cited authors, types of authorship, types of journals and most cited journals.

These authors were more cited than those that were not included in the lists. The least came from web resources 1. International Journal of Information Dissemination and Technology,3 2 Citation is an analytical tool for examining reference citation in bibliometric Citation analysis thesis Tunon and Brydes, How recent are the materials?

In Table 1 above, nearly one-third of total citations were made to journal articles These information materials according to Dulle, Lwehabura, Matovelo and Mulimila include books, research reports, theses, conference proceedings and scientific journals, among others.

The main objective of its programmes is to train graduate and postgraduate students in the field of Agricultural Economics and Extension with emphasis on the application of economic principles to the management of agricultural business. ILA Bulletin, 38 2 This view corroborate that of Nkiko and Adetoro who noted that a high citation count reflects depth and diversity in the literature review, as well as a measure of honestly in research reporting.

In the same vein, masters and doctoral students of Faculty of Agriculture of Tshwane University of Technolgy, South Africa hardly make any use of website and other electronic resources following the surveyed of Swanepoel on citation analysis of theses and dissertations submitted between in the institution.

Some journals that were highly consulted as indicated by the study including the first five journals listed in the table may be because they were available in the Departmental AEE Library, while few could be located at the University Library. Which journals are the most frequently cited, among others come to mind.

Gooden further carried out a citation analysis of chemistry doctoral dissertation as way of identify materials used at the Ohio State University between - Citations were extracted from the title pages and reference lists of each of the thesis and dissertation examined.

Recency of Information Materials Cited Table 4: A preliminary citation analysis of local faculty in a new academic program in environmental and human health applied to collection development in an academic library. Citation Analysis of Ph.What Journals Do Psychology Graduate Students Need?

A Citation Analysis of Thesis References Margaret Sylvia and Marcella Lesher The increasing price of journal subscriptions and the increasing number of.

Citation Analysis of PhD Theses in Sociology Submitted to University of Delhi during DESIDOC Journal of Library & Information Technology,33(6), Goyal, V., Gupta, G.K. & Kumar, A. Authorship patterns and collaborative research trends in the field of chemical sciences.

The citation analysis involved an examination of the references included within each dissertation, thesis, and research paper. A database was created, which included the title of each serial cited and the number of articles cited from that serial.

This case study is a citation analysis of 56 PhD theses submitted in at Wuhan University ( in China. The authors analyzed 10, citations in theses in Library and Information Science, Biology, Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, and Stomatology and reviewed and compared the characteristics of the literature cited in.

Citation analysis of Workforce Education and Development (WED) dissertations, theses, and graduate research papers at Southern Illinois University Carbondale (SIUC) was used to (1) determine core serials in the discipline, (2) provide Morris Library with a guide to serials acquisition and maintenance in the discipline, and (3) provide future.

From the individual thesis and dissertation examined, the highest citation of was recorded from doctoral thesis while the next which has citations was also from doctoral thesis. Thirty (30) which was the lowest .

Citation analysis thesis
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