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In London, the English language is most common so the staff of residential home care should get effective training with respect to avoiding inappropriate interpersonal communication.

A physical barrier could be a disability that the patient has for example ADHD and pre-linguistic speech. Thus in this way these communication skills could be used properly and effectively within health and social care setting Collins, This could be in staff being aware that they may have to wait for an individual to process information before they respond, staff having to repeat information again and again before it is understood or the use of pictorial aids to support what is being communicated.

Effective communication in health and social care Essay Sample

The practices could include involving the level of communication skills with performance assessment process. Become a Freelance Writers Place an Order Analyze the effectiveness of how organizations policies and procedures promote good practices and what barriers they might create.

A third barrier for communication would be a cognitive Communication in health social care essay. On the contrary, the mental patients need more understanding of the gestures and reading the facial expressions.

Asking open questions in a none patronising way to encourage the individual to repeat back the information Communication in health social care essay a better way to check if they have understood.

It is effective for the patients because they get to share their experiences and ask different questions to the group. You can click the "Click to Copy" button to copy the whole reference to your clipboard so that it can be pasted ctrl-v into the program of your choice. Other than above mentioned strategies there is a huge requirement of focusing upon the security aspects as well.

Fostering good relationships with professionals and family involved with the person being supported require us to think about the way we communicate maintain that everything done is in the best interest of the tenant.

Further, the legislation related to sex and discrimination act is also something that put its impact at the communication process.

However this would make it easy for some patients to misread a word or phrase causing them not to understand the point clearly. Evidence and Implications for the NHS. The difference between these aspects has become clear along with their applicability.

Ensuring that the support worker is listening, does not interrupt, and does not lead the individual are important factors to ensure the individual has indeed understood 3.

But if the communication is not proper between employees and service users than it could affect the relationship between various parties and from patients point of view the treatment quality could be hampered. A doctor would not want to get too close to a patient as it would cause them to feel they have no personal space and it can frighten them because it can be seen as aggressive.

The best strategy in my opinion would be to stay calm and not to get frustrated as this could cause the patient to become intimidated. For deaf or deafblind people the NRCPD can be consulted to find professionals in sign language, lip speakers, deafblind communicator and note takers.

This would be effective because staff could talk about anything they need and it would get straight to the rest of the staff. However depending on the condition of the patient, for example a sever stroke the patient may not be able to comprehend the understating of the picture.

It injects the responsible and disciplined approach among the staff people. The most significant and important is the behavioral theory of communication. The non-verbal communication includes the gestures of the patients and their relatives.

More essays like this: The higher authorities must pay an adequate amount of concentration towards such issues and decision-making process.

Here the listening skills include identification of problems and health challenges of the service users. Currently, the rules and regulations for the same are very much strict and it just affect the communication pattern at health and social care setting.

The sex and discrimination act actually promote the equal working environment which is highly significant for the purpose of a positive communication process. Get Access Effective communication in health and social care Essay Sample Different forms of communication are effective in a health centre.

By checking what you are writing you are making sure there are no mistakes when it is sent so there is less hassle for the recipient. Signs and symbols- if there is a deaf person you can use signs and symbols to make communication easier. In both the situation the values and cultures and not properly inherited so it hampers the communication process.

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Introduction to communication in health and social care Essay Sample. Identify reasons why people communicate People communicate to express emotions, needs and wants, to get information across/ask for information or to get their point of views across.

Keywords: case studies, communication theory Introduction. In the context of health and social care settings, it is very important to have good communication between service users and staff (Gambrill, ).

Introduction to Communication in Health & Social Care or Children’s and Young People’s Settings Learning Outcomes Understand why communication is important in the work setting Effective communication is needed to motivate people and build relationships in Health & Social Care setting.

Be able to meet the communication needs and.

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Communicating In Health And Social Care Organisations Social Work Essay This paper seeks to address the issue by the provision of the theories of communication which are applicable in health and social care, how to use effective communication skills in such a context, methods of dealing with inappropriate communication practices, strategies.

Effective communication in health and social care Essay Sample. Different forms of communication are effective in a health centre. These different forms are used in different situations and are most effective for what they are used for.

Communication in health social care essay
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