Credit card and petrol station

At any point of time, there were two cashiers working at the sales counter — one will concentrate on the fuel transactions, and one for the shop, even though they handle both transactions at times.

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On all other categories, you can earn cashback of 0. Earn cash rebates on the specified categories based on your statement balance for the month. The SelesaMart stores sold, among others, groceries, snacks, drinks, confectionery, and cigarettes. First, the fuel business had a very low profit margin.

Use the accumulated reward points to redeem gifts and vouchers available on the rewards redemption catalogue. The tolerable product loss was 0.

The flight and travel personal accident insurance coverage is provided for free only if you charge the full flight fare to your card. With the growing number of vehicles in the country, the demand for fuel kept increasing.

Under his direct supervision were two supervisors — one for the fuel business and one for SelesaMart. Another advantage was that the operators did not have to spend on advertising as GEZ would do it. Under the Dealer Built Station concept, the operators were not the landowners.

Keep in Mind You can earn cash rebates on mobile and utility bill payments only when you set standing instructions. Monthly salary and number of employees Monthly salary per person RM No. Sales from Selesamart is expected to vary directly with the total litres of fuel sold.

Share the benefits and privileges offered by the card with your family using supplementary cards. In addition, there was a product loss due to evaporation of fuel during filling.

The cash rebate is provided when you spend at the participating merchant outlets. Good about It Earn unlimited cashback on other retail transactions. On average, there were about 2, stock keeping units SKU in each store.

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Who Should Get it Those who spend on petrol often. Get a host of privileges with the card, such as balance transfer and Easy Instalment Plan, to name a few.

Those who make retail transactions frequently. Table 1 shows the information on sales units in litres, price per litre, cost per litre and the percentage of product loss of the three types of fuel in Luckily many credit cards let you get good savings on petrol, usually when you use them to pay for fuel together with a petrol station rewards card.

If you want to keep your car on the road without paying an arm and a leg for it, then using the right cashback credit card is the place to start. we have picked the 2 best credit cards for.

Compare all Petrol credit cards and apply to the one that best meets your needs. Best Petrol Credit Cards in Malaysia Petrol credit cards offer cashback, reward points or discounts from petrol stations that you use regularly. Look for deals from your favourite brands.

All cards. Apply for a Sunoco Rewards Credit Card today and start saving on gas instantly! Learn more about how you can get 5¢ off every gallon of gas you purchase, every time you fill up at a Sunoco station.

Additional benefits such as fuel savings are just the beginning with the flagship Sunoco Rewards credit card. Swipe the credit card at any Shell petrol stations or retail outlets to earn rebates.

Good about It Get Gold Lifestyle privileges and discounts of up to 50% at participating establishments across the globe. Need to know which credit card to apply for to get the maximum discount at your preferred petrol station?

Don't worry, we've got you covered. GEZ PETROL STATION: USING COST-VOLUME-PROFIT ANALYSIS FOR PLANNING INTRODUCTION As an Area Manager of GEZ Bhd, a major oil company in Malaysia, inMr Aiman was responsible for directing the sales activities of more than twenty petrol stations in the northern region of Malaysia - Credit Card and Petrol Station.

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Credit card and petrol station
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