Enager industries

What if anything, should Randall do now about his investment center approach? However, return on assets and gross return on assets were also highlighted that saw decreases. This is relevant when counting the fact that there were substantial acquisitions in capital expenditures as aforementioned.

Customer Perspective A good measurement indicator of the customer base is the market share of kitchenware products. Keeping in touch with customers, checking up on products, and involving customers throughout all stages of a projects design and manufacturing is critical.

The company has three divisions which were treated as independent companies because of their differing nature of activities. The solution is for the president and the CFO to communicate and standardize the measurement objectives tailored to each individual division in the organization.

A good market share usually means profitability for a manufacturing industry such as kitchenware. The function of the corporate unit is to Enager industries the activities of the three divisions. Customer relationship management is critical to ongoing improvement and future success Financial Perspective — Return on Investments ROI Enager industries on investment is a standard performance evaluation for corporations that the industrial products division must habitually revisit in order to properly determine where and when their investments should be made, which investments were financially good decisions, and those that were poor Balanced Scorecard for Professional Services Division Measures Importance to Measure Innovation and learning perspective Employee growth can be gauged with number of professional training days per employees, turnover rates, and number of developmental workshops Having the know-how, skills, abilities and knowledge are the keys to having the winning edge in this industry.

As well, performance measurement based on the balance scorecards creates a more equitable standard that is specific to each division refer to Appendix E. Conclusion It is important to state that no financial performance measurement is perfect.

Enager Industries

Assets are also subdivided among three divisions, attributing assets to divisions that use them. What inferences do you draw from the comparative balance sheets and income statements for and ? Identical performance measurement and target for all divisions Enager industries of the divisions performs different business activities as well as risks.

In all, the net income rose by On the other hand, the professional service division carries significantly fewer assets to be included in the ROA calculation. A large portion of the net income in was earned in cash and that fact is supported by the quality of income ratio of 1.

Hubbard and Randall used ROI to measure the assets employed. Enager had three divisions: All business units have same profit objective for comparable investments. There are always flaws in different situations and the economic conditions can make a financial performance measurement that was useful yesterday irrelevant today.

A shift from profit centre concept to investment centre concept because: This will allowdivisional managers to focus Enager industries on operation and less about tax and debt management. Difficult to compare profit performance unless assets employed is taken into account.

Goal congruence Enager appears to have a difference of interest amongst the top management. The company has three divisions which were treated as independent companies because of their differing nature of activities.

Statement of cash flow by division can provide a better analysis to study which division performed well in terms of operations, and which division made poor judgments in their investments.

On the other hand, a better trained, reliable workforce is able to perform their duty with efficiency and lower cost. In order to achieve this level investment proposals would have to show a return of at least 15 percent in order to be approved.

On the other hand, the CFO, Mr. So Enager Industries Inc. Also, repeat purchase, referrals are all good measurements as well.

Due to the fact that the kitchen wares industry is a mature one, Enager must differentiate themselves with new products to capture the audience.Enager Industries Inc - Enager Industry Inc.

Case Study introduction. is a young company whose growth was profound up to when it amassed sales over $ Million. This company is comprised of three main divisions that are all considered to be independent from one another.

The first and oldest division of the company is. With this being said, McNeil's proposal demonstrates a return of 13% (ROA = EBIT/Assets = $,/$3,), and a favorable EVA will be provided under this return figure. If cost of capital can be had for under 13%, then McNeil's proposal is a money maker for the Enager.

In this case, McNeil’s proposal should not have been rejected. Case Enager Industries, Inc. 1. Why was McNeil’s new product proposal rejected? Should it have been? Explain.5/5(7). Enager Industries, Inc. Accounting Consultant’s Report · Introduction Enager Industries, Inc.

was a relatively young company that consisted of three divisions with distinct services and products. At the urging of CFO Henry Hubbard, Enager’s president, Carl Randall, had decided to begin treating each division as an investment center, so as to be able to.

Enager Industries, Inc. was a relatively young company, which had grown rapidly to its sales level of over $ million. (See Exhibits 1 and 2 for financial data for & ).

Enager Industry Inc. Case Study Essay

The company has three divisions which were treated as independent companies because of their differing nature of activities.3/5(1). Enager Industries is a company that has three divisions—Consumer Products, Industrial Products and Professional Services, with each division acting as an independent company.

Prior tothe divisions were classified as profit centers%(10).

Enager industries
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