Ethical leadership is mostly about leadership integrity essay

Conclusion Despite all the differing views, there is no one correct or standard definition for ethical leadership. This reinforces the statement that ethical leading consists of assorted constructs with many cardinal elements included but is non largely about ethical unity.

Therefore, it is believed that these two should not be a separate entity and that it is only logical for a moral person with integrity, to behave accordingly to his fundamental values as a person and make decisions or take actions with integrity and strong conviction.

It can be considered a form of action of communicating what the values are, which is what ethical leadership should be. It is also a requirement for an ethical leader to be people oriented and be aware of how their actions will impact on others.

According to the research done by Trevino and Brownevidence from interviews reflected that personal characteristics such as honesty and trustworthy were related to ethical leadership.

Given the above consequences. This in itself shows the importance of Integrity in an ethical leader as well as the major role it play. Thus, ethical leadership is not really about the ethical culture, as culture can be controlled and managed by leaders, and leaders can create strong ethical cultures if they are willing to.

It is to use the values to influence action to be more ethical. Harmonizing to Gregory emotional intelligence is another clear influence and property of an ethical leader. The Codes of Ethics can be like the leaders which the followers will follow closely to ensure better ethical standards.

Ethical Leadership Is Mostly About Leadership Integrity Essay

However to be an ethical leader, one needs to act according to what he preaches and integrity is the cornerstone of preaching the right values. Although unity may be inevitable at corporate degree in puting ethical criterions.

Hence, through role modelling, it can be said that ethical leadership is mostly about leadership integrity. Ethical leading should be practiced all the clip by anyone and it should come manus in manus with leading unity.

They have high unity doing them honest. As suggested by Arthur Anderson. Conclusion In conclusion, despite well controlled systems or all other factors that are needed in ethical leadership, it is ultimately leadership integrity which forms the core of it. To help us further understand ethical leadership, Trevino and Brown came up with an executive ethical leadership reputation matrix to further support their statement above.

Likewise a manager with leadership integrity would very likely expect his followers to act in accordance. However to be an ethical leader. Both forms must apparently exist given the obvious social responsibility and power a leader naturally possess.

Ethical Leadership is Mostly about Leadership Integrity - Essay Example

Ethical consciousness is based on the moral doctrine of the effects of determinations and actions. Integrity, is to have a high moral principle and adhering to this set of ethical principles.Ethical Leadership Is Mostly About Leadership Integrity.

Discuss Essay the statement that ethical leadership consists of various concepts with many fundamental elements included but is not mostly about ethical integrity. According Show More. Related Essay about Integrity: Leadership and Integrity. Ethical Leadership is Mostly about Leadership Integrity Ethical leadership is very important in any organization because it determines its success as well as the smoothness of the running of its operations.

Ethical leadership is mostly about leadership integrity Ethical leadership involve leaders to lead in a way that respects the dignity and rights of followers. It is especially important in the society today, when the public trust has been eroded by the actions of many, in both the profit and non-profit organisations.

Therefore, in this essay I will touch on the ethical concepts and theories, and the occurrence of leadership and the dimensions that is related to ethical leadership and it will thus bring about a better understanding of whether is ethical leadership is mostly about leadership integrity.

An essay "Ethical Leadership is Mostly about Leadership Integrity" reports that ethical leadership is the highest standard of leadership, which every leader in every organization should aim for if they wish to promote a good picture of themselves and that of their organization.

Topic 2: Ethical leadership is mostly about leadership integrity. Discuss. Introduction A recent study conducted in among UK and some European companies, revealed that the most prominent ethical issues to organisations includes harassment, bribery, corruption and facilitation payments, and whistle blowing (Wesley et al.


Ethical leadership is mostly about leadership integrity essay
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