Leadership style and power tactics of gandhi history essay

Gandhi's Leadership Styles

Intellectual Stimulation This behavior will increase follower awareness of issues and forces followers to look at issues from a new view point. This intolerant behavior towards Indians opened his eyes and showed how his country people are treated.

Leadership style of Gandhi Ji clearly shows the presence of transformational leadership. Gandhi Ji mainly shows interest for others rather than focusing on self interest also called altruistic behavior.

Charismatic leadership style of mahatma gandhi

Since Gandhi Ji was a good lawyers as he has completed hi law from South Africa and was aware of all the rules and regulations of the government. During their fight for freedom thousands of his followers were sent to jail and were also beaten badly and treated brutally.

He was always under control of situations and having effective negotiation skills while dealing with British authorities.

Individualized Consideration This includes giving support, training and inspiration to followers. If communication is not present, then the combination of these styles can be misunderstood.

Job Involvement Gandhi Ji always encouraged for ethical practices during his lifetime which are: It was because of his charisma that he many Indian were devoted towards Mahatma Gandhi and due to which they were following practice of Satyagraha without any fear.

Instead he adapted his vision to the reality; adaptability was key success for Gandhi it worked perfectly because he needed a new vision and a new direction. Gandhi tried to use the other four leadership styles but with no success.

In the movie we appreciated that he developed his leadership throughout the years. Gandhi ji leadership styles throughout his life encouraged his followers to follow this practice of non-violence fight and also to fight in unity. He was able to maintain his power by expressing care towards the needs of the public by showing trust and treating people equally.

He was not good at handling men. He used these combinations not only to work toward reform and ultimately removal of British rule in India, but also in many conflict situations between Indians only. The practice of Satyagraha was done all over Indian was used against corruption, non- violence, civil defense.

This first evident that makes him great leader was in South Africa when was thrown out of first class compartment on the basis that he was an Indian and Indians were treated as lower class people in South Africa and this is just because of color of Indian people.

Mahatma Gandhi thought that doing such practices will only help them to have proper control over social and political rulings. He was the self made leader, he was not having any career in his life, no fame was gained by him, he was also not so rich an average looking man but still he was the father of the country.

This was a mayor problem that perhaps Gandhi did not consider after reaching his primary goal. For example Jawaharlal Nehru was initially influenced by Gandhi Ji as he used to western wear clothes and looking at the style and dressing sense of Gandhi Ji he also started wearing Khadi clothes.

This thinking intended him to fight against racism for equal rights of Indian people. Another example from the movie is when Gandhi was asked by whites to step off the sidewalk. In order to influence his followers in the direction of non- violence he did fast for several days.

At the end, he achieves this goal and he was the main trigger for the successful completion of this goal. Transformational leaders also charm to higher values like equality, freedom, right decision and peace.

Gandhi Ji stood by his personal values and systematically delivered his vision of independence by openly exchanging his vision and using symbols like the Salt Satyagraha Movement, he guided his believers with the way right meaning that successfully impressed them to stay idealistic and increase their effort.

Inspirational Motivation This type of leadership includes human action and appealing vision and making use of symbols to focus subordinates effort. As we have already discussed in transformational leadership Gandhi Ji was respected by his followers and having a two way relationship between him and his followers.

His involvement and interest towards the poor people of society is memorable and peerless. During that period he not even thought about his health and food, he suffered a lot till he gets the desired result of his fast.Transformational Leadership 3.

Gandhi’s Power and Influence Tactics 4. Referent Power 7 5. Expert Power 8 6. Job Involvement 8 7. Leadership style Essay  Leadership Style LDR January 29th, Allen Autrey Leadership. Gandhi's Leadership Styles This Essay Gandhi's Leadership Styles and other 64,+ term papers, college essay examples and free essays are available now on mi-centre.com Autor: review • November 20, • Essay • 1, Words (6 Pages) • Views4/4(1).

Charismatic leadership style of mahatma gandhi; Charismatic leadership style of mahatma gandhi. 9 September Leadership; Gandhi’s Power and Influence Tactics 1. Referent Power Referent power is also called as: Charismatic power Personal Power.

Gandhi The Legendary Leader History Essay. Published: November 27, Gandhi leadership style was dependent on circumstances. By applying and understanding following theory we can explain his character and leadership style as well as the influence of environment on his leadership aspect. 4 Power and Influence tactics of Gandhi.

The Power. Leadership essay Topic: The leadership style of Mahatma Gandhi A world leader who I admire greatly is Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi is the epitome of a people’s leader, and he’s proved it through his revolutionary efforts in India, and South Africa.

It was when Gandhi moved to South Africa in at. Charismatic leadership style of mahatma gandhi Essay. A. Pages:8 Words This is just a sample. To get a unique essay. We will write a custom essay sample on Charismatic leadership style of mahatma gandhi specifically for you for only $ $/page. Gandhi’s Power and Influence Tactics.

1. Referent Power. Referent power is.

Leadership style and power tactics of gandhi history essay
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