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Repeated examination of the colour-coded passages back to the original transcripts occurred. No attempt was made to quantify the data, given that the study was underpinned by rich descriptive analysis reflective of sound qualitative research [ 17 ]. Currently, canteen guidelines refer only to the school canteens in the state or territory in which they were developed, however, national canteen guidelines have been written which harmonize existing state and territory school canteen guidelines [ 31 ].

Results for the primary and secondary schools are presented together where the results were congruent. I cannot rely on volunteers to help me and the school will not pay for help so I have to have an easy menu to prepare. Perceptions and expectations a students, parents, Research paper about school canteen, principals, canteen managers What do you like or dislike about the canteen?

This was especially evident in one of the primary schools where an advantageous working relationship between the canteen manager, the principal and the school community had been forged, and there was commitment from the principal to support and encourage the healthy initiatives introduced by the school canteen.

When the principals were asked if it was likely that a canteen upgrade would ever be a school priority, only one principal answered that it would: However, unconditional support from the principal was the catalyst for a change in menu.

School food service Within the School System model, this area provided the most points of discussion. The majority of canteen managers claimed that they provided foods that sold well and were easy to prepare.

The quotes below epitomize the feedback from canteen managers from the metropolitan schools. The shortage of volunteers in many schools meant a lack of time to prepare healthy alternatives.

Volunteers and implications for outsourcing Lack of volunteers within the schools was one of the main reasons for the outsourcing of the canteens, although this was only evident in secondary schools.

In many cases, schools were hesitant to outsource, concerned with the lack of control they might then have over the canteen. At all times, the thematic process underwent strict scrutiny by members of the advisory committee who oversaw the study.

Sure, if we can fundraise and also receive some local or state government support we would definitely upgrade the canteen space. Are there issues that arise from these decisions? The government would also need to see this as a priority otherwise we would not receive funding.

A number of teachers concluded that students did not necessarily go off campus to purchase food, but instead used other areas of the community to congregate on a social level. Profit Asked whether the school required a profit to be made from the canteen, the majority of canteen managers maintained that it was expected that the canteen should make one.

Although primary schools did struggle with attracting volunteer help, they had not taken the step to outsourcing in order to stay viable, but some could not stay open every day.

Some comments made by some canteen managers were in direct contradiction with those made by many of the schools principals. Referring to the difficulties schools faced keeping students on school grounds at recess and lunch, one teacher from a metropolitan secondary school stated: We get the Year 12 students involved and Year 11s to act as role models for the junior kids.

In these instances, the canteen may not have sold high-sugar drinks or many foods containing a high percentage of fat and sodium, but these products were still available from the vending machines.

The recent removal of the healthy food policy in New Zealand schools [ 11 ] due to concerns regarding issues such as canteen staffing resources and pressure of maintaining a profit indicates that schools are not receiving the support required from the surrounding system to assist with long-term implementation of a healthy menu.

What are your expectations of a school canteen? These machines were available to the school population even when the canteen was closed. Healthy eating a students, parents, teachers, principals, canteen managers What is your idea of healthy eating?

The managers were ambivalent between wanting to provide fresh alternatives for the students and not having the required bench space to do so. Is the canteen expected to make a profit? Results and discussion The major findings in relation to the School System model see Fig.

The general consensus from canteen managers and teachers particularly from the primary schools was that they did not want their canteen full of unhealthy products, which according to the participants was a by-product of outsourcing. Healthy eating policies and possible implementation—please explain your experiences if any.

Some maintained having no mandate or support to do otherwise. What are the best and worst food sales? Regardless of the reason for leaving school grounds at lunch, all principals maintained that it was school policy for students to stay on campus during school time and measures were in place to stop students leaving.

Some schools identified that their only option was to sell pre-packaged pre-made products in favour of freshly made. The credibility of the themes was assessed by triangulating the data, which were based on documentation and the interviews in order to maximize breadth and range [ 27 ].

This is an interesting concept and not associated with the purchasing of food products but instead related to peer inclusion and is supported by wider literature [ 2930 ]. The aims of the guidelines are to provide a framework to support the implementation of sale of healthy food in school canteens.A cafeteria or canteen is a type of food service location in which there is little or no waiting staff table service, whether a restaurant or within an institution such as a large office building or school; a school dining location is also referred to as a dining hall or canteen /5(41).

Canteen management Effective management Role of the school council General business structure of canteens Stock management Financial management Staff and.

a study of the facilities given by the canteens and its efect on student satiscation the food products sold in canteens can directly influence weight outcomes as well as have an impact on school performance through students’s energy levels and ability to concentrate.

Significance of the Research Canteen is not just the place where we. Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on School Report About Canteen Day. The school cafeteria advisory committee was established by the Department of Education and the Arts to promote and support the development of healthy school canteens and to provide advice and all aspects of the planning, establishment and operations of a school.

1 Research Paper Canteen Services: A study on the canteen services and its effect on the living standard of defence personnel By: Pardeep Bhardwaj, Research Scholar, Department of Commerce, Faculty of Bussiness Administration, Jai Narayan Vyas University, Jodhpur _____ Abstract.

Research paper about school canteen
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