Short writing assignment for gilgamesh

Short, quick summaries of assigned readings could be asked for first, then short syntheses of ideas in several connected readings, and finally analyses of the quality of an argument or string of related ideas.

These short freewrites can then be short writing assignment for gilgamesh or the class can move ahead. Will the audience hold values similar to or different from the writer? Are they to be thinking of the teacher exclusively when completing the assignment? Knowing what kind of writing is expected of them informational?

Each time the student freewrites, in other words, the original idea becomes more and more focused - the students draws closer to the "center of gravity" for the actual writing assignment and have something to start with for a draft. Analysis is the skill underpinning all others. At their most effective, assignments in writing to communicate can be built directly off the scaffolding that has been provided through writing to learn.

Such considerations will help determine the form and style choices that can be made and are central to the writing task.

The writing situation considers a problem to which the student is proposing a solution. Ideas might be roughly sketched out to begin with using the following seed sentences as frames: Working with seed sentences might also be a productive approach to writing to learn.

Seed sentences can help students get started writing and can then be further refined later in the process of writing. List as many facts as you can think of about the writer based on what is found in the reading: Writing to learn becomes a vehicle for figuring out and refining what we think before we communicate publicly to others.

The following handouts provide examples of essay assignments that stress various purposes, sense of audience, and structural ideas: Writing assignments can be developed for different purposes: Students can be encouraged to begin with a working central idea in order to develop a preliminary draft.

A set of essay instructions can ask students to follow through on these kinds of review and explorations to arrive at a working central idea. Should they be thinking of a general educated audience, or an audience only of their peers?

Such writing is usually informal, can take a variety of forms, and represents the kind of active thinking and critical engagement with course material that helps students prepare for more formal writing tasks. Ideas for using writing to learn in the classroom: As micro themes grow in number and difficulty, topics for more formal assignments like critical analysis might emerge and signal productive directions for both teacher and student.

The two modes of writing are connected in terms of developing content, but writing to communicate will call for more coherent development and structure. Should they be thinking of the audience as completely or partially informed about the subject?

Successful assignments can be saved and copied for such purposes in future classes. Finally, an assignment can also be accompanied by a MODEL that illustrates the expectation for writing.

Learning the conventions for specific fields of study, developing different methods for analysis and argument, as well as fine tuning the details of grammar, documentation and mechanics are central to the mode of writing as communication. Start freewriting on a possible direction for the assignment and stop after three minutes, then: Such a commonplace book will help improve memory of course topics and serve as a helpful resource for review.

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WRITING ASSIGNMENTS. In a First-Year Seminar or a writing-intensive course, it is best to have several writing assignments and a variety of types of writing, usually integrated with course readings, rather than one long assignment at the end of the course.

The Epic of Gilgamesh The Epic of Gilgamesh is the oldest known work of literature in the on clay tablets in what is now ancient Mesopotamia, it tells the tale of .

Short writing assignment for gilgamesh
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