Spiritual reflections

Because 9 times out of 10 he will choose illicit sex, money, power, booze, drugs, or some other forbidden pleasure. And lower level humans are assimilated into God as we consume the Eucharist and become one flesh and spirit with Him.

But one day, when you least expect it, he will demand payment from you, which will be your immortal soul burning forever Spiritual reflections hell.

In the US Constitution, there is no such right to be "free from religion. We have 3 choices and only 3 choices - First, we can let these sharks devour us and then we go to hell for sure.

Third, we leave our tiny leaky rowboat and get into the huge battleship known as The Catholic Church that Jesus Christ founded, and we fight these sharks using His battleship weapons of the sacraments, scripture meditation, grace, faith, prayer, good works, humility, charity, and the other virtues, and then and only then are are assured of going home to heaven.

Spiritual Reflection Guides

I appeal to you, brethren, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that all of you agree and that there be no dissensions among you, but that you be united in the same mind and the same judgment. You never get anywhere in your car if all you do is stop at the stop lights, and never hit the gas pedal to go to Spiritual reflections destination.

For extra credit, ask them to repeat this process in a laboratory. But being a stupid tower of jello is absolutely no way to go through life.

That leads to over 30, different denominations all claiming to have the truth, and all believing something different than the others. Rather, through time and space, the exact same sacrifice that occurred at the Last Supper is made present to us NOW.

And while we all look down on the self-righteous pharisees, they never would have crucified Jesus if they knew who he really was. The 20 good apples never cause the one rotten one to become good. In the New Testament and today, the new Israel, aka the Church, is always powerful and victorious when we have the Word of God made Flesh, aka the Eucharist, and the Virgin Mary, aka the Ark of the Covenant that once held the Word of God made Flesh for 9 months, at the forefront of our spiritual battles The US Congress starts each session with a prayer On the highways, there MUST be an authoritative policeman stopping speeders and drunks or there will be chaos.

When the rains finally do come, these deeper, stronger roots now provide the tree with more nourishment, due to their increased size and depth, which in-turn causes the tree to grow taller and larger much faster, thus providing more shade from the heat and more food for the animals.

This sacrifice cannot be repeated, because it never ends! And as a result, when the tough times are over, our souls are also infinitely more mature with deeper roots and more capacity, and we then can provide more shade and nutrients for the less fortunate, and for ourselves as well.

Second, we can choose to fight these sharks on our own, in our tiny, leaky, personal rowboat, by being a "good person," and then we take our slim chances on eternal salvation.

God certainly is symmetrical. But when strummed together, they make a totally different sound that is pleasing to the ear. And that is why the devil and his minions here on earth love abortion, because it desecrates the tabernacle where Jesus once lived, the womb.

And like that Jewish High priest, only one person was allowed to enter into her womb, namely, the Holy Spirit. And this river of polluted waste, like all rivers, empties into a larger body of water; in this case a lake, a lake of fire.

It takes live ones to swim against the flow of filth being dished out by Hollywood, the Media, Academia, Congress, Socialists, Scientists, and Madison Avenue. A chord is usually made of of 3 notes, e.

Facts trump feelings each and every time, no matter how you feel about it. As you live, so shall you die. In law, there MUST be authoritative judges making decisions for society, or there will be chaos.

Lower level animals are assimilated into higher level humans as they eat them. A Priest is one who offers sacrifice for the people. There is a way which seems right to a man, but its end is the way to death.Love and Loss.

Awe and wonder. Journeys and home. The events of our lives and our spiritual curiosity lead us to ponder topics close to our hearts. Through 12 themes, you will find a wide range of spiritual. Aug 04,  · Spiritual Reflections is a simple and accessible application designed to offer an easy way to study the belief systems, such as Bahai, Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Christian, or Taoist.

It also features an extensive list of quotes for each religion. By admin on February 26, in Gospel Reflections, Reflections Everything is grace; and that precisely is the message of this Sunday in the season of Lent.

All is God’s grace, that is, his gift to us (cf. Eph ). Reflections on Liturgy. The Perspective of Justice.

Spiritual Reflections

Gerald Darring. Free and Responsible. The Pharisees misunderstood what the law was all about. QUOTATIONS. Sometimes, it takes a simple one-liner quote to spark a sleeping soul. Moreover, its like a simple phrase that could light up a certain doubt or help us understand a specific situation.

These Sunday Scripture reflections appear in our sister publication, Celebration.

Spiritual reflections
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