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There were 48 pills prescribed per man, woman and child. Lindemann also plans to blog in-depth about how the crisis is affecting each jurisdiction and how public servants are using tech to spread awareness and better distribute resources such as medicines and outreach workers.

Most critically, we need Technology crisis policies that align governance across state lines and ensure that all involved parties, including Technology crisis providers and patients, are communicating and accessing the information and data they need to adequately address this crisis.

Indiana is not alone. Inthat number fell slightly to The first participants include 10 public agencies, the majority of which are county governments. As the name suggests, a foundational element of it is a visualization of the crisis, specifically a map powered by Esri that shows locations of deaths related to opioid use.

‘Opioid Mapping Initiative’ Shows Impact of National Crisis, Fosters Collaboration

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At the state level, related tech efforts are Technology crisis in MaineVirginia and Pennsylvaniaamong others. Patient monitoring can also be integrated with wearable technologies, like sports trackers with heart-rate monitors, which can be used to alert family members and emergency responders of potential warning signs of an overdose.

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Integrating care platforms, which will allow the sharing of patient data across various jurisdictions and help ensure that doctors can give new patients informed care, will require collaboration across government and industry.

The list includes, Bergen County, N. However, on their own, these databases are limited to these functions. Sperling and ADM Giroir speaking at the panel. The timeline of the project is undefined.

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Success stories A prime example of analytics being used to improve state and health response is in Indiana. Industry Perspective State and local governments collect a lot of health data that could help the growing opioid epidemic in the United States.

Government should also look to the IT sector to work as a broker to coordinate the requirements and develop a cohesive strategy that helps everyone come together in a unified approach.

Addressing the Opioid Crisis with the Help of Technology

Intel is committed to advancing the technology and policy solutions that will deliver the resources and care needed by those suffering from opioid addiction. Every state except Missouri has a prescription drug monitoring system, and 37 of these 49 states share their data with a national system called PMP InterConnect from the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy.

While sharing this data on a national level is a crucial first step, there are some additional steps that individual states can take to improve the response to this crisis.

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State and local governments already collect massive amounts of health data through their prescription drug monitoring systems. The state rolled out a crime dashboard that provides a heat map of opioid overdoses from information collected by health professionals as well forensics labs.

With 20 years of experience, Jennifer brings deep healthcare, life sciences and biotechnology industry expertise along with a foundation in information and communication technology, and a view that spans across multiple other industries.

Sometimes it takes a while for state or federal agencies to develop guidance. She works with companies, organizations and governments around the world to help make this digital transformation real, today.

Can Technology Help Stop the Opioid Crisis? (Industry Perspective)

Indiana is a great example for other states to follow. Many state and local governments are already fighting this battle through myriad health and law enforcement resources. Telehealth can assist providers with patient monitoring, especially in hard-hit rural and underserved areas where individuals may have limited access to care.

Trisha Zizumbo, the health education supervisor at the Oakland County Health Division, said numbers show that their average user is middle class, male, Caucasian, roughly 39 years old, and increasingly likely to have a college degree.

When people see it in their backyards, it goes a long way. Technology can play a vital role in these solutions, helping society overcome the crisis that continues to plague millions.

Artificial intelligence systems can analyze massive amounts of data to identify outbreak hotspots and guide the allocation of resources in rapid response.

This is where state and local governments could be turning to data analytics solutions for help. Our first-ever advisory dedicated to explosive projects in the up-and-coming digital currencies space.

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About Jennifer Esposito. Jennifer believes that technology has the power to accelerate the transformation of healthcare and to improve health.

Technology crisis
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