The economic inefficiencies in lacrosse recruiting

With good video and an online profile watch our video that cuts through the noise. College coaches will be well-prepared when the revisions are officially implemented at the start of the next academic year.

In fact, that is how the majority of student athletes get recruited. While some recruiting programs and events offer positive experiences for student-athletes, others — particularly those that conflict with the school calendar or occur outside of the traditional lacrosse season — threaten the well-being of student-athletes with incidents of injury and burnout.

How do you do that? Student-athletes can and should still message coaches as early and as often as they would like. Parents are being led to believe that college coaches focus on recruiting only those children who play year-round lacrosse and who attend multiple, expensive recruiting events throughout the year.

These early emails often include basic questionnaires for athletes to fill out. Moving the permissible date up allows student-athletes and their family to fully experience the college on that official visit before making a commitment.

For example, if a coach is considering two very similar players during the recruiting process, and one has a 3. Although college coaches do aggressively seek out the top athletes on competitive high school and Club lacrosse teams, there is still much success that can be had by players that make the first contact to coaches via email, and then follow-up.

Coaches also make their rounds at the US Lacrosse sanctioned tournamentsand sometimes even visit regional club tournaments in the upper divisions. Rules vary across divisions: Recruiting Conversations at Camps and Clinics This is where things get hazy. Links to Tournaments and Recruiting Showcases.

US Lacrosse shares the concern of many lacrosse players, parents and coaches that the college recruiting process is not structured or timed in the best interests of high school student-athletes. Note that high school students must maintain a 2. At this stage in the process, the coach is looking to ensure that the athlete is comfortable with the school and the team.

How will coaches know which camp participants are freshman and sophomores versus juniors and seniors? Below is a deeper dive into each of these new rules, including some objections and struggles coaches see with the new rules: Learn more about the NCAA recruiting process and the importance of creating an online profile so that you stand during your recruiting process.

The current landscape of recruiting events and club programs — some of which operate throughout the calendar year — has encouraged an increasing number of young student-athletes to forego a well-rounded high school experience based on unrealistic expectations and misperceptions about playing college lacrosse.

This would be like proposing to a girlfriend without even going on a date! September 1st is the day you begin to see all of your hard work pay off. September 1st of your junior year.

US Lacrosse Statement on Recruiting

At this point, the coach might begin to rank perspective recruits according to factors such as size, ability, potential, and academic eligibility. The new rules will stand as a huge success for these groups to curb early recruiting.

If you put off your process until September 1st of your junior year because of this legislation, you will be disappointed by the reception you receive on September 1st. If the campus visit goes well, the next step in the process is usually the extension of an offer.

The idea here is it gives student-athletes the opportunity to properly explore a campus, spend a few nights with the team, and effectively complete their due diligence before committing to a school.

Team sports like lacrosse, volleyball, etc. Engage with your college search and recruiting process and put in the work to ensure you are in a position to be successful come September 1st! Therefore, if you invite a coach to one of your tournaments as a freshman, sophomore, or junior and he avoided you or seemed cold or aloof, there is a reason for that: The coach will search online for additional information about you, such as your academic portfolio, test scores, GPA, game statistics, and performance records.

A club coach cannot be penalized for passing along a message from a college coach. Therefore, college coaches cannot depend on stats kept from high school lacrosse, because not all accomplishments are equal.

To clarify this piece of legislation, student-athletes can still visit a college campus at any point in time.Notes: • No fields require entries, so submitting a blank form will return everyone. • If more than one field is used, all search criteria must be met.

• Although capitalization is used in the examples below, it is not needed when searching. • Partial matches are done (e.g., Donald in the Name field returns Donaldson, McDonald, etc.).

• The % sign can be. Fairfield University Men's Lacrosse Recruiting Questionnaire.

1. General. 2. Questionnaire. 3. Confirmation. Please complete the general information below before advancing to the questionnaire. First Name.

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Your first name is required. Last Name. Your last name is required. Recruiting Conversations at Camps & Clinics – College coaches may not have recruiting-related conversations with a prospective student-athlete until September 1st with the possible exception of simple interest expressed to a high school or club coach is prohibited for softball and lacrosse.

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Chris Ruhl. The US Lacrosse Board of Directors has approved a statement on the complex nature of the collegiate recruiting process for high school student-athletes. The statement was developed by the national volunteer and staff leadership of US Lacrosse, in consultation with members of the coaching community.

US Lacrosse Statement on Recruiting. College Recruiting The college recruiting process can be a difficult and confusing endeavor, even for parents that have been through the process before.


On this page, US Lacrosse seeks to share some information and resources that families may find helpful as they navigate the process. The Source For High School Lacrosse & Recruiting Coverage. Search. Category Archives: Commitment Articles. by tyxanders.

September 1st Is Coming: What Can We Expect Under The New Rules? With another summer coming to a close, so much talk has surrounded the upcoming effect of the recruiting legislation shockingly .

The economic inefficiencies in lacrosse recruiting
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