The student code of conduct of

The Code may also be applied to conduct online, via email, or other electronic medium.

Student code 2018-2019

Engagement, encouragement, or facilitation, by any organization or by any individual on behalf of an organization or group recognized or not recognized by the universityor visitor within the University of Louisville community in any action or situation which recklessly or intentionally endangers mental or physical health; creates an atmosphere of servitude; involves dangerous, demeaning, or ridiculing activities; involves the forced consumption of liquor or drugs; for the purpose of initiation, admission into, affiliation with, or as a condition of continued membership in, a group or organization.

Intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly causing physical or sexual abuse to a person who is or has been in a social relationship of a romantic or intimate nature with the accused. Such action will be taken if a student or student organization has acted in a way that substantially interferes with or endangers the University community, or behavior with significant potential to disrupt the educational environment.

The Code of Student Conduct outlines expectations for students regarding, behavior, attendance, appropriate dress and more. Any member of the University of Louisville community, or visitor, may report an alleged violation of non-academic misconduct against a student or student organization.

Intentionally or recklessly misusing or damaging fire or other safety equipment. Photo Credits ready for school image by Warren Millar from Fotolia.

Student Code of Conduct

Intentionally filing a false complaint under this Code. If the complaint is not resolved through alternative dispute resolution, the conduct process will proceed through an administrative conduct meeting or conduct board hearing. The meeting is designed to provide the accused student an opportunity to give their account of the incident, to think critically, reflect on the behavior and decisions that led to this situation, and to discuss alternative options for the future.

Driving under the influence of alcohol or other controlled substance s. To initiate an appeal for a conduct hearing decision the individual must complete the Student Appeal Form.

The hearing will be informal and strict rules of evidence will not apply. The Matrix outlines the violations in the same way as the Code of Student Conduct. For a school to succeed in accomplishing its mission, the school must maintain a level of control over the student body on and off campus.

The Vice Provost for Student Affairs or designee will first review all requests for appeal to determine if the request meets the established criteria for appeal and are within the appeal filing timeline. The term "University resources" means supplies, equipment, or technology services e.

2018-2019 Code of Student Conduct

Apathy or acquiescence in the presence of hazing is not a neutral act; it is a violation of the Code. Revocation of charter recognition.

Examples where this policy would apply include: The University may withhold awarding a degree otherwise earned until the completion of the process set forth in this Code of Student Conduct, including the completion of all sanctions imposed, if any.

This may include one or more of the following: Like the Code of Student Conduct, the Matrix is reviewed annually by District stakeholders, including parents, teachers, administrators, counselors, students and other community representatives. Appeals must be completed by submitting the online Student Appeal Form to the Vice Provost for Student Affairs within ten 10 days after the issuance of the hearing decision of the Assistant Dean of Students or designee.

It is the responsibility of the accused student and the complainant to notify their witness es of the date, time, and location of the hearing. A student conduct hearing board will be utilized in all conduct hearings.

Compensation for loss, damage, or injury. The term "weapon" means any object or substance designed to inflict a wound, cause injury or incapacitate including, but not limited to, any weapon from which a shot readily capable of producing death or serious injury may be discharged; any knife other than an ordinary pocket knife; sharp tools such as axes; billy or nightstick; blackjack or slapjack; nunchaku karate stick; shuriken or death star; and artificial knuckles made from metal, plastic, or similar hard material.

Failure to evacuate a University-controlled building or building in which a University-sponsored activity or function is taking place during a fire alarm. Imposition of conditions or restrictions on the individual s or organization s involved, with warning of more severe action if further infractions occur or if probation is violated.

Code of Student Conduct

Purpose A student code of conduct serves to establish expectations of the students in a particular school. Moreover, any behavior that is generally prohibited by law is forbidden on school grounds. Revocation of organizational recognition: The term "witness" means an individual who has information regarding the facts of the case.

Request a pre-hearing meeting prior to the conduct hearing. Intentionally or recklessly directing behavior at a specific person s involving repeated two or more occasions of visual or physical proximity, non-consensual communication, expressed or implied threats of death or bodily harm, or a combination thereof, causing a reasonable person fear for their safety or the safety ofr others.

Second offense violation will be listed in the box for the 2nd Consequence, and so forth. The Dean of Students Office in consultation with Campus Housing staff will determine if an incident that occurred in University Housing should be resolved by the Dean of Students Office. Reverse the hearing decision of the Assistant Dean of Students or designee.

The Complainant bears the burden of establishing a violation of the Code by a preponderance of relevant and admissible information. Conditions for readmission may be specified.Student Code of Conduct Use of Facilities The Walton County Board of Education is committed to providing a safe, orderly and productive learning environment for all students.

A student code of conduct contains guidelines and rules to ensure proper order in schools. The students are obligated to follow the procedures of the student code of conduct. If any student fails to abide by the student code of conduct, the school authority has a right to issue consequences to the student.

2 Student Code of Conduct Dallas Independent School District Student and Parent Acknowledgment The Dallas Independent School District shall foster a climate of mutual respect for the rights of others. The University has established the policies and procedures that comprise the Student Code of Conduct to both promote the University mission and protect the rights of students, faculty and staff.

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Purpose of Student Code of Conduct

Office of Student Conduct. The Student Code of Conduct is designed to provide you with the expectations for student behavior in all of our schools. There is important information in the Code of Conduct which also explains the role you play in helping us ensure your student reaches his or her fullest potential.

The student code of conduct of
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